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          What are the functions of the contacts of the cell phone battery

          Anyway, mobile phones battery main function is used to provide electricity, often want to implement a simple charging, only need to have the positive and negative two points, but with the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone manufacturer for battery is becoming more and more attention, so also pointed to the battery some additional capabilities, to match the function of the phone itself, now we can see the multi-touch function of battery may contain one or more attached, below small make up to list for you with some additional features multi-touch battery.

          Identify resistance connection points

          For early mobile phones, some phones, in order to distinguish lithium ion batteries from nickel-metal hydride batteries, or thick and thin batteries, were connected with an identification resistor, which was used to identify the type of battery contact. This contact was generally called identification resistance connection point.

          Thermistor connection point

          Thermistors are the most commonly used in cell phone batteries and are almost indispensable for nimh batteries.Since the temperature of nickel metal hydride battery will rise rapidly after it is full, it can be used to judge whether the battery is full and to stop charging the battery when the temperature is too high, which can be regarded as a kind of protection for the battery.

          Battery information storage connection point

          This should be the most mobile phone battery has function of the contact, set up the connection of mobile phone batteries, battery information storage inside usually with memory chips, used for storage battery parameters, such as the manufacturer, serial number, production date, voltage, capacity, etc., convenient for users to obtain the battery information in some software.

          Charger positive connection point

          As phones get smaller and smaller, the charging circuitry in some phones can no longer fit on the phone pad, so some manufacturers have moved it to the battery, which has a charging circuitry inside.One of the connection points on the battery is the charger positive connection point, which is used to charge the battery.

          Charging state connection point

          Unlike the previous information storage, the charging state connection point is used to provide the charging state information of the cell phone battery, which can be regarded as a real-time callable information feedback contact.

          Charging voltage adjusting connection point

          This kind of battery has a part of charging control circuit inside, which plays a constant voltage control function when charging.

          The vibration motor drives the connection point

          Some phones move a vibrating motor inside the battery so that the battery has a vibrating motor and its drive circuit.Some of nokia's early, powerful phones used such batteries.

          Intelligent IC connection point

          Some phones have smart chips inside that record the battery's charging and discharging time and remaining capacity, and transmit this information to the phone.

          Dual SIM card control points

          Some phones with dual SIM card and dual standby function will put the SIM card socket on the battery, which has a contact point that is used as the SIM card selection control.

          Positive and negative junction

          Some phones have multiple contacts, but the extra contacts are connected to the positive or negative poles to reduce contact resistance.

          The above is small series collected information, because it is not small series expertise, there may be omissions, if you have a supplement, you can reply in the thread for discussion, let us improve together.

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